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Marcin Kozłowski

Marcin Kozłowski

Graduate of the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology

Marcin, from the very beginning of his professional career, has been involved into implementing of automated storage systems, particularly designed for non-standard shapes and heavy bulks. He is an originator of solutions used in many companies, among others in Asmet S.K.A., Bosch Rexroth Sp. z o.o., PIT-RADWAR S.A., Sitech Sp. z o.o., or Volkswagen Poznań Sp. z o.o.

He is responsible for Baumalog’s operational activity.

Married, father of three sons.

Marcin Świtkiewicz

Marcin Świtkiewicz

Graduate of the Faculty of Automotive and Construction Machinery Engineering of the Warsaw University of Technology.

Devoted to construction works since a childhood. He worked among others for Daimler AG, Dreaxlmaier Group, Edscha Holding GmbH, Dr. Ing. h. c. F. Porsche AG, and Volkswagen AG. Co-creator of supporting structure and technological tools used for production of AOS-71 motor glider.

He is responsible for creating and development of Baumalog’s constructions.

Married, father of one daughter and four sons.

Where can you find our solutions

We do not limit our production to Poland and customers from many European countries are using our solutions.

We work hard to cover the whole continent in the future.


We are the engineering company manufacturing automated storage and transporting systems to be used in many industries.

We are responsible for every single step of production, from the initial concept, through construction and production, to launching and further servicing of our storage systems.

In our constructions, we use both generally used technologies and the most modern ones (CAD/CAM/FEM, laser cutting, powder varnishing, and designing of embedded systems). We manufacture our products in accordance with legal and safety requirements and we aim at supplying durable, reliable, safe, and innovative solutions.
Our team consists of a group of engineers specialising in narrow fields of engineering and having many years of experience in projects carried out for international corporations. The interdisciplinarity of our team and ability to manufacturie world-class constructions at reliable prices are keys to our success and to our advantage over competition.
We are constantly monitoring quality of our products, starting from design, through manufacturing and launching, until the maintenance of installed systems.

We strive to create long-term relationships with our clients. These relationships stem from our reliability and trust of our clients, who benefit from our services and supplies of the highest feasible level.

We are proud of our satisfied clients, who provide the best recommendation for further ones. You can benefit from the quality of our storage management systems, too.

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