We have introduced a new product that automates the process of sheet metal processing – Loader 3015 – an automatic system for loading sheet metal onto the table of the laser cutting machine and unloading the cut elements.
The Loader 3015 allows  to load raw sheets with a maximum size of 3 m x 1.5 m and a thickness of 20 mm. The main elements of the machine are loading and unloading modules that work independently.
The loading module supplying individual sheets to the cutting table is equipped with a set of vacuum suction cups, a dedicated system for separating sheet metal sheets and a sheet thickness measurement system. The unloading module contains two-piece forks that take the cut parts from the cutting table and put them on a shelf or pallet. The full time of the unloading and loading cycle does not exceed 75 seconds. The design of Loader 3015 allows, if necessary, to load metal sheets directly onto the table of the laser cutting machine – manually or with the participation of a forklift. Loader 3015 system allows to use the speed of the laser, while enabling the cutting of short series of products. The system can be integrated with cutting machines from different manufacturers.

In order to maximize the possibilities of the laser cutting machine, the Loader 3015 can be integrated with an automated storage system e.g MonoTower® or TwinTower®, increasing the efficiency of the machining process, quick access to many assortments of sheets and storage of cut parts.
If it is necessary to automate the cutting process with the participation of several cutting machines, Baumalog offers a dedicated solution containing an automated storage system with loading and unloading modules and a track for transporting sheets and details cut between the storage system and laser cutting machines.