Our new product to automate sheet metal processing

We have introduced a new product that automates the process of sheet metal processing – Loader 3015 – an automatic system for loading sheet metal onto the table of the laser cutting machine and unloading the cut elements. The Loader 3015 allows  to load raw sheets with a maximum size of 3 m x 1.5 […]

Baumalog’s automated storage systems at the Warsaw Industry Week trade fair 2019

On November 13-15 we had the opportunity to present our solutions in the field of automated storage systems at the Warsaw Industry Week trade fair. During 3 days we could present our ideas to improve warehouse and production processes. Thank to all visitors for interesting conversations, below you will find a short report from the […]

Baumalog at the Warsaw Industry Week

We invite you to visit our stand during the upcoming Warsaw Industry Week trade fair in Nadarzyn, 13-15 Nov 2019. During 3 days we will present loading and unloading station with a shelf for storing metal sheet (3 m x 1,5 m), which is an inseparable part of all our automated storage systems – MonoTower, […]

Baumalog’s automated storage systems at the ITM trade fair in Poznan

“Towards Industry 4.0” this was the motto of the ITM Industry Europe trade fair that took place on 4-7 June in Poznań. We are happy that, as in the previous editions, Baumalog was able to present its products to a wide range of visitors from around the world. Representatives of our company, in addition to […]

Baumalog with two new products at the ITM trade fair in Poznan

During the upcoming ITM Poland trade fair, we intend to present two new products! We are pleased that we can inform you about the extension of our offer of modular automated storage lift from the Italian company Modula, of which we are an authorized dealer. The range of available Modula automated storage lifts is extended […]

Baumalog at Automotive Production Support 2019

In April we had the pleasure to take part in the fourth edition of  industry meeting for specialists from Polish automotive sector – Automotive Production Support. The event was attended by people in charge of key areas of operations at automotive manufacturing companies. Below you will find a video report from this meeting where our […]

Baumalog with a wide offer at STOM-BLECH&CUTTING in Kielce

STOM Kielce fair proved to be an excellent opportunity to present our automated storage systems that are successfully used in the metal industry. During the fair, we presented the loading and unloading station with a shelf for storing 3m x 1.5 m metal sheet, which is an inseparable part of all our automated storage systems, […]

Central steel plates warehouse in Giżycko with MonoTower and TwinTower automated storage systems

The Kostrzewa company is an enterprise producing heating boilers and pellet burners. In order to improve the flow of materials, a central steel plates warehouse was established at the company’s headquarters. Due to the need to organize the warehouse space, it was decided to purchase one and four-rows automatic storage system, which enabled quick and […]

Machine parts in the warehouse – quick and easy access to components is provided by the Modula automated storage lift

Pojazdy Komunalne Gamon Sp z o.o., a company from Aleksandrów Łódzki, constructs advanced technical vehicles for cleaning and maintaining sewerage systems in proper conditions. The production of this type of machinery requires the use of many components and accessories ranging from steel parts, wires, fasteners, hydraulic elements, pneumatic elements, sensors and of course the chassis […]

Storage of pipes and profiles – stacker crane provides warehouse stocks under control

Providing the right amount of materials for high-performance laser cutter to guarantee the continuity of production is the main reason why Retech (a manufacturer of stainless steel equipment) has decided to implement a solution that automates the storage of pipes, rods and profiles up to 6 meters long. As part of the tender, Baumalog (an […]

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