Loader 3015

Automated loading and unloading system Loader 3015

Loader 3015 is an automated system for loading metal sheets onto the laser cutting machine table and unloading laser’s table from the cut out elements. The system can be integrated with lasers from different manufacturers. The main elements of the machine are the independently working modules – loading and unloading.

Loader 3015 allows to load raw metal sheets with a maximum size of 3 m x 1.5 m and thickness up to 20 mm. The loading module is equipped with a set of vacuum suction cups, a dedicated system for separation of metal sheets and a system for measuring the thickness of the sheet delivers individual sheets to the laser cutting table. The unloading module includes a two-part fork which takes the cut parts from the laser table and places them on a shelf or pallet. Full cycle time of unloading and loading does not exceed 75 s. The design of Loader 3015 allows, if necessary, to load sheet metal sheets directly onto the laser cutting machine table manually or with a forklift.

In order to make maximum use of the capabilities of the laser cutting machine, the Loader 3015 system can be integrated with an automated storage system for sheets (e.g. MonoTower®, TwinTower®) increasing the efficiency of the processing, assuring quick access to many assortments of sheets and storage of cut parts.

Features of the Loader 3015 automated loading-unloading system

  • loading and unloading is done independently,
  • the full cycle time (unloading and loading of the laser cutting machine table) is less than 75 s,
  • max. dimension of the sheet to be transferred 3 m x 1.5 m, max. thickness 20 mm,
  • A shelf or pallet with raw material is on a stationary frame,
  • the shelf or pallet for the cut out parts is on a mobile frame,
  • possibility of connecting loading and unloading stations of different specifics (fixed or mobile stations, buffer storage places),
  • The compact size of the system requires little space.

Advantages of the Loader 3015

  • significantly increase the productivity of the laser cutting machine,
  • automating the transport of sheets metal and cut parts without the need for operator work,

  • Modularity – possibility of expansion with an automatic storage system,

  • increase in the safety of operators.


  • in sheet metal working processes using a laser cutting machine.

Loader 3015 integrated with TwinTower® automated storage system

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