The 44th Navy Airforce Base in Darłowo is one of the S&R helicopter base of Polish Army that operates mainly on the Baltic coast and sea. Polish Army uses some Modula systems in logistic bases in the whole country and the Army wanted to supply a suitable solution to the base in Darłowo in order to store helicopter spare parts in special environment conditions.


Used model, Modula LIFT MC25D, together with housing and A/C system designed by Baumalog, allowed to solve the problem of storage of sensitive helicopter spare parts (appropriate temperature and humidity), to grant limited access to those parts, and to fulfil the most stringent safety and quality requirements. System operates in 10 metres high unheated warehouse and uses 11 sqm of space. The supply consists also of the WMS Modula Base, a full inventory management SW designed for the best usage of Modula Lifts.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height with housing 10,000 mm
Tray length 2,500 mm
Tray width 857 mm
Tray capacity 250 kg
Number of trays 60
Total capacity 15000 kg