PIT-RADWAR S.A. is one of strategic companies of the Polish defence industry. It is a contractor of the Polish Army concerning supplies of professional electronic devices.


During the production process, Pit-Radwar  S.A.  uses large and heavy  profiles and rods from non-ferrous metals. Limited storage space and a need to automatize transport of materials to production line resulted in ordering TwinTower®, equipped with crane. Compact construction of the rack uses only 24 sq. m. of the storage building, allowing storing loads up to 22 tons in 44 shelves of total area of more than 164 sq. m. Crane, incorporated into racks body, allows for unloading supplies from a truck directly into shelves. The rack is also adapted to operate with gantry, to improve and shorten time of transporting of materials to be cut.

Technical data

Parameter Value
Column height 5250 [mm]
Tray lenght 4780 [mm]
Tray width 780 [mm]
Try load capacity 500 [kg]
Number of trays 44
Total load capacity 22 000 [kg]

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