Protech Sp. z o.o. is a medium-sized  company dealing in the production of central heating boilers and providing steel processing services on the market.


Designed and implemented by Baumalog, the automated storage system for storing profiles and rods, consists of two  TwinTower and moveable station transporting shelves over a 40 m long track using 5 stops – between profiles loading place outside the building and saw station and the 3D laser cutting machine inside the building.

The launched system was build outside the main production hall, in the part added to the building. Thanks to the moveable station, loading of profiles from lorries to shelves takes place with the use of forklifts outside the hall and materials are available in various locations inside the hall. Unloading profiles inside the production hall takes place with the help of jib crane and by hand.  The control system has an extensive database containing, among others, such information as: material index, name, dimensions and quantity in kg and in pieces, and thanks to an easy-to-use interface provides transport of shelves to selected stops, as well as full diagnostics of drive systems and automation, including the use of internet connection.

For the storage of profiles and rods, there are two types of shelves with different heights of 200 mm and 600 mm, and capacity of 1200 kg and 2000 kg.

Technical data

System height8000 [mm]
Tray lenght6100 [mm]
Tray width620 [mm]
Tray load capacity1200 and 2000 [kg]
Number of trays58 [pcs]
Total load capacity78 000 [kg]

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