SmartFlow System

SmartFlow System – automated flows of materials in sheet metal processing

SmartFlow System is a solution that automates the sheet metal processing. The system includes automated loading and unloading of laser cutting machines and an automated storage system. The system can handle multiple cutting machines while ensuring full use of the laser speed and high production efficiency. Each time we construct the system we taking into customer’s specific needs and the nature of production process.

Elements of the SmartFlow system:

  • warehouse part – automated sheet metal storage system (MonoTower, TwinTower, TransferTower or MultiTower) – in a configuration adapted to the customer’s needs
  • transport part – MultiLoader loading and unloading module
  • station for transporting cut-out elements
  • software for material flow and cutting process management

Features of the SmartFlow system:

  • possibility of integration with laser cutting machines from different manufacturers
  • designed to process sheet metal of dimensions 3000 x 1500, 4000 x 2000, 6000 x 2000 mm
  • modular structure allowing for the system adaptation to individual customer needs
  • the possibility of expanding the system in the future
  • the possibility to operate multiple cutting machines simultaneously
  • short material replacement time
  • independent loading and unloading of lasers tables
  • possibility to load sheets and unload cut parts without stopping the transport system
  • various configuration options for automated sheet metal storage system (MonoTower, TwinTower, TransferTower or MultiTower)
  • dedicated production management software
  • flexibility in managing the flow of cut-out elements

Working principle

Benefits of the SmartFlow System

  • Systematizing the material flow in the cutting process
  • automation of the sheet metal processing
  • elimination of production downtime
  • full use of the cutting speed of laser cutting machines
  • increase in production efficiency
  • efficient use of production hall space
  • improve workplace safety
  • reduction of forklift use

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