Automated storage system TwinTower®

The TwinTower® automated storage system is used to store long-load products (bars, profiles, pipes, etc.) and sheets (metal plates, boards, laminated panels, etc.), pallets and many other heavy and large objects.

Automated storage system TwinTower

How it works

The system consists of two storage columns and one transporting column with a moving extractor, shifting trays between the storage columns and the loading station. Additional motor located at the loading station level moves the trays outside the front storage column allowing for loading and unloading with a forklift truck.

Trays are located in storage columns at guides leading to storage place mounted every dozen or so centimetres.

Example of TwinTower® system used to store profiles in the INSTAL-FILTER S.A. company.

Features of the TwinTower® system

  • max. tray load capacity – 5,000 kg
  • max. tray length – 15 m
  • modular construction allowing for extension of existing system (i.e. change of its height)
  • steering integration with ERP and WMS class systems
  • system can be mounted outside the building
  • flexible access points (access space at any level, loading stations at both sides of the system, etc.)
  • horizontal and vertical transportation with use of Gall chains

The TwinTower® automated storage system can be equipped with 3 types of loading and unloading stations depending on the customer’s needs and the location of other machines in the technology line. The station can be stationary or moveable on the longer or shorter side of the shelf.

Advantages of the TwinTower® system:

  • saving the storage space
  • maximisation of use of available height of the warehouse
  • easy and quick access to stored products
  • easy and convenient loading of stored products
  • versatility (max. tray load capacity – 5,000 kg, max. tray length – 15 m)
  • possible integration with production process machines and ERP/WMS class storage systems


  • in production – for storing components (i.e. rods or sheets) or technological devices
  • in storing and distribution (i.e. pipe or section storage)


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