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Film showing TwinTower® system in Elektror Airsystems Sp. z o.o. in action.


Elektror Airsystems Sp. z o.o. produces industrial fans and compressors and specialises in delivery of bespoke ventilation solutions.


Automated TwinTower® system, designed and implemented by Baumalog, helped to store packets of steel plates, measuring 3 to 1,5 m. System reduces storage space, decreased access time and facilitates warehouse maintenance. System consists of automated rack with 59 trays, designed to store steel plates. Loading and unloading of plates is carried out by forklift or crane. Additionally, system is equipped with hydraulic scissor table to take out plates from palettes.

Technical data

Parameter Value
System height 6,800 mm
Tray length 3,100 mm
Tray width 1,535 mm
Tray load capacity 3,000 kg
Number of trays 59
Total load capacity 177,000 kg

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